“2:32am – The Djinn Master’s Legacy” is featured in the Big Blend Magazine ‘Champagne Sundays’ as a great read for young adults!


“2:32 AM” is a must read for the readers of the young adult genre who love this kind of fantasy tales, as well as for older adults who love this type of fantasy books. Emily Ford has a way of enticing and ensnaring her readers into the world of Cat, her loving family and her friends. At the same time, she skillfully incorporates the exciting and fearful world of the genie community. She so immerses her readers into the story that I feel whoever reads “2:32 AM” will not want to let it go. Although I have not read anything about a sequel, Emily Ford just cannot leave her readers hanging on the edge of their seats. We are waiting, anxious and eager, to find out the rest of Cat’s story. So, come on author Emily Ford, work your “magic” and give your readers what they are waiting for.

— Sylvia Heslin, Readers’ Favorite

“A seemingly ordinary teenage girl might just become a creature of legend in the first volume of debut author Ford’s young-adult fantasy trilogy.”

Kirkus Reviews

“These days, genre fiction for young adult readers focus heavily on vampires, werewolves and zombies. However, what was most refreshing about 2:32 a.m. was the absence of the usual paranormal phenomena. 2:32 a.m. intrigues readers with the mystery and power of genies. Ford leaves the reader at the edge of seats, waiting and hoping the next book will be available soon. It is an excellent portrayal of a modern day teenager who is trying to find herself in the midst of her high school years, with a twist – and a great one at that. For those who love mystery, magic, and love, this is a must read.”

Tamar Mekredijian, Pacific Book Review

“An addicting Djinn novel complete with romance, danger and something a little different. From start to finish it was tough to put down. This author draws you in with the characters and tightly woven storyline. Emily Ford writes an addicting novel. I can hardly wait to read the next one!

Lisa Fox, Top Book Reviewers


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